Cody, Maintenance Supervisor

In Cody’s current role it can be hard to see his connection to the students, because traditionally his role does not involve direct work with students on a day to day basis.  At Elevations, we focus on hiring excellent staff with program experience.  It is nice to show how everyone at Elevations is interested in being on campus and involved to help the students.

013“Elevations is a very big campus, we have a climbing wall, larger group rooms, separate dorms, a gym, weight room, large cafeteria, overall a really nice spread out campus.  It doesn’t feel like residential programs I have seen or worked for in the past.

I have worked as a program staff in the past, and have a background of working with students like we see at Elevations. One of my favorite stories to share about the work we do here has to do with a girl who had destroyed some of the property on campus.  As part of her consequence she had to help me repair what was broken. After instructing her how to make the repairs and supervising her in this one task she really took to hands on work.  Once she had finished that task she insisted on helping to improve the facility beyond what was required.  Unlike other places the entire campus has a really respectful environment. Students and staff respect one another and it leads to a really positive environment.”  

Through investing their time and effort in repairing where they live students begin to take ownership and responsibility to better themselves and their community. When the student returns home this ownership is apparent in their effort at home and in their family relationships. Once a student starts to work better their within community we see it as a step in the right direction.

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