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Are you struggling with a child whose diagnoses have varied?  Have you tried multiple options with limited long-term change?

How We Help Complex Teens

Parents often contact Elevations RTC after spending hours, if not days, searching the Internet for treatment options for their emotionally and or medically complex child.  Unfortunately, residential treatment centers (RTC’s), therapeutic boarding schools, and treatment centers for depression often lack a sophisticated medical component.  Elevations RTC, however, offers the most clinically sophisticated treatment available. 

Our treatment team incorporates medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, therapists, and a variety of specialists including activity and art therapists.  Elevations is the only residential treatment center in the state of Utah that is both JCAHO accredited in a all gender environment.  Additionally, Elevations employs a fulltime, board certified psychiatrist.  Our students get an average of 25 hours of clinical contact per week, far and way more clinical contact than the industry standard of one individual and two group sessions per week.

If you are searching for a program that has both the therapeutic and medical components necessary to properly treat the most clinically complex teen, Elevations RTC should be your number one choice.  While most therapeutic programs do have a relationship with a local psychiatrist and even feature one on their website- often these doctors our full-time employees elsewhere, and simply contract with the facility to come in a couple times a month.

At Elevations RTC, we always have immediate access to a medical professional 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We employ full-time professionals including a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, a licensed a psychiatric nurse practitioner, and a registered nurse.

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Another great aspect of the program is how our medical team incorporates their knowledge base and treatment component with the rest of the team.  Our medical personnel meets with milieu staff, teachers, night staff, and therapist on a regular basis.  As a result, the doctor managing your child’s medications know how your child sleeps at night, if they are paying attention at school, and how they are responding to stress or anger in the milieu. 

Parents often come to Elevations RTC when there is a question about the etiology of a diagnosis.  It is important to understand what should be treated through medication and what should be treated through insight oriented therapy.  Because of the multi-disciplinary treatment team approach, Elevations RTC can properly treat the most clinically and medically complex teen.


Does this sound like your child?


– Possible biological and environmental factors
– Mixed and conflicting diagnoses to date
– Something wrong with “wiring”
– Might be lacking full developmental history

Does this sound like your child?


– School suspension or refusal
– Alcohol, drug, and/or sexual experimentation
– Negatively impacting family dynamics
– Attention seeking and “annoying”

Does this sound like your child?


– Socially immature
– Poor peer group or lacking in any interactions
– “Into the drama”
– Lacking self-regulation skills

Does this sound like your child?


– Depression, low self-esteem
– Victim of bullying
– Lacking in motivation or goals
– Lying, deceitful

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