Cynthia Byerly

Cynthia Byerly


As the Director of Nursing at Elevations Residential Treatment Center Sindi currently supervises the RNs and CNAs to provide quality medical care to all students on campus. Nursing has been a passion to Sindi since childhood. She has enjoyed taking her passion towards healthcare and assisting adolescents in navigating their mental health

Sindi holds an BSN and is continuing her education towards the completion of a PMHNP/FNP. She has worked specifically in the nursing mental health field for the past seven years. Prior to entering the mental health field, Sindi started her management career at a young age. Sindi has devoted her life in service to her community, which includes Girl Scouts of America, Utah Youth Soccer Association, Weber County School District, Utah Festival of Trees, Ronald McDonald House, as well as raising thousands of dollars for cancer patients and research.

Sindi was raised in Montana riding horses and motorcycles. She enjoys spending time with family, hiking, crafting, camping and riding her motorcycle.

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