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Group Homes for Teens

Elevations RTC is a top Group Home and Residential Treatment Center offering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to struggling teens who are suffering from mood disorders and/or bipolar disorder. A Group Home is a residential program that can help teens who are in need of therapy for mental health concerns and treatment for substance use and addiction. Our residential treatment program offers teens the opportunity to discover the obstacles in their lives so they can be faced head-on. The staff at Elevations RTC works to ensure each of our students not only receives the therapeutic treatment they need but also is given a top-notch fully accredited educational program so they can complete their degree.

We help teens from all across the country. Worried parents often seek a Group Home for their struggling teen so they can receive the treatment they need to be able to overcome negative behaviors and make better life decisions. Often, teens are greatly influenced by their peers. Unfortunately, the impact is primarily negative, leading teens to begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Each year, around 5,000 teens are killed as a direct result of alcohol. To prevent needless tragedies, Elevations RTC works with struggling teens and their families to help turn the child’s life around and give them hope and healing.

We help struggling teens dealing with addictions, depression, behavioral problems, failure in school and sexual promiscuity. Often, there are multiple facets to a teen’s problem, so it takes evidence-based treatment for true change. This treatment focuses on cognitive and behavior therapies that have been proven beneficial in treating teens with a wide variety of mental health concerns.

Through our Group Home experience, teens can learn the valuable skills they need to not only better cope with their underlying mental health problems, but also to lead sober and successful lives. These crucial skills are often lacking in today’s youth.

Elevations RTC is a superb residential treatment program and academic treatment program with full accreditation, dedicated to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for teen teens of all genders suffering from meth use/addiction, mood disorders, and/or sexual promiscuity. Contact one of our experienced family consultants at today!

Mental Health Group Homes

Today, the phrase “Group Home” has come to mean any residential program that offers therapy for struggling teens who are facing issues such as substance use, addiction, or behavioral problems. Elevations RTC provides a program that offers much more than a typical Group Home can.

In a traditional Group Home, struggling teens are not given the extensive therapy and treatment they can receive from a Residential Treatment Program. These government facilities do still exist though mental health experts warn parents their child is less likely to find lasting therapeutic treatment through one of these facilities simply because they provide more of a home than treatment.

Our goal is to help struggling teens discover the underlying mental health conditions that may have never been addressed in their lives. Through our program, teens receive the stellar clinical, and medical treatment they need for any mental health concerns with which they may be dealing.

Our teens are also given a premier education that focuses on not only helping them to graduate with a degree but also to prepare them for continuing their education through college. When our clinical/medical, educational, and outdoor adventure programs are combined, they provide teens with the skills they need to become self-reliant, successful young adults.

At Elevations RTC, our goal is to reunite families. Studies have proven parental involvement is crucial in curbing negative behaviors in teens. By involving the entire family in our family support program, everyone can work together to bring positive and lasting changes. We love seeing changed teens be reunited with their families, allowing the loving bonds to naturally grow stronger.

Residential Group Home at Elevations RTC

Elevations RTC offers an educational program that is fully accredited by the Utah Department of Education, the California Department of Education, and the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. Through our educational and therapy programs combined, we can offer the keys to success for teens who may have temporarily lost their way and begun participating in negative behaviors like substance use. Our extensive program offers a systematic treatment approach that focuses on the individual needs of each of our students.

Many parents feel overwhelmed when they learn their teen is struggling. When teens begin heading down a destructive path, things often escalate quickly. Our goal is to put teens back on the right path of pursuing their education by treating any underlying mental health concerns that may have prevented them from being successful in a traditional school setting.

We understand the teen years can be difficult for any child, but are especially difficult when one is dealing with untreated mental health conditions that are causing them to make poor life decisions. Through our holistic approach to treatment, we work on the body, mind, and soul to bring lasting changes that will successfully propel floundering teens towards becoming stable, healthy, and happy young adults.

Each day at Elevations RTC, teens experience rich opportunities for discovery, growth, and change. Though our days are structured, we never deny a child the chance to grow and learn through a variety of settings including, therapeutic, academic, and clinical.

As teens progress through the program, they learn more about themselves and the world around them. They are educated in academics, problem-solving, and life skills so they can be well on their way to becoming self-sufficient young adults.

Our team offers an integrated therapeutic approach that cannot be found in a typical Group Home. Because of the size of our program, Elevations RTC can offer students a real-life experience that allows them to cope with social pressures and make wise decisions that help them to mature. When they graduate, teens possess the crucial life skills and social understanding that will stay with them throughout their adult lives.

Elevations RTC is a premier academic treatment program with full accreditation and residential treatment program, that offers processing traumatic memories through EMDR and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to teenage teens of all genders suffering from anger problems, bipolar disorder, and/or drug dependence issues. Contact one of our professional family consultants at to get experienced assistance for your struggling teenager today!

Elevations Endorsed National Partnership for Parents of Troubled Adolescents

National Alliance on Mental Illness: National Alliance on Mental Illness is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive grassroots mental health community. It is dedicated to building healthier lives for local residents, and the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. A mental illness is a mental health condition that impacts an individual’s thought processes, emotions, and mood disorders. It may also affect the person’s ability to relate to others, as well as function on a daily basis. NAMI strives to shape the national public policy landscape for struggling teen teens of all genders, teens of all genders, and families in your local area; affected by mental illness. NAMI also provides grassroots volunteer leaders with the tools, resources, and skills necessary to protect the mental health of individuals in your local area, and all over the nation.

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