Documentary Highlights the Danger of Drug Addiction

drug addiction

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As the documentary Amy, chronicling the life of Amy Winehouse, hits the big screen, it’s important to go over the center of what ruined Amy’s life: drug addiction. It’s hard to believe that an individual so talented ended up succumbing to a battle with drug addiction. The documentary points out the danger of drugs and how they can make someone’s life end tragically.

Anyone can have a drug addiction

In a 2014 survey, conducted by the National Institute on Drug Use, researchers found that within the past year, 27.2 percent of adolescents from 8th to 12th grade had used an illicit drug. That’s about one in four teens.

A national study, conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Use at Columbia University, revealed that nine out of 10 Americans that have an addiction started drinking, smoking and using drugs before the age 18. Oftentimes, these teenagers don’t get treatment for their drug addiction and go on to continue it into adulthood.

Does your child have an addiction?

Drug addictions have the power to ruin lives if left unchecked and allowed to run rampant. That’s why it’s important to know the signs of drug addiction and catch them early enough to make a difference. From Psych Central, a few symptoms of an addiction to drugs can include:

  • Disruption in appetite/sleep patterns
  • Messy physical appearance
  • Lack of interest/withdrawal from family and friends
  • Unexplained need for money
  • Changes in friends
  • Change in personality/emotional instability
  • Sudden neglection towards responsibility

Getting treatment

If you think your teen might have a drug addiction, it’s time to take action. Hoping that your teen will grow out of it isn’t an option that will turn out well for your child or your family. The best option is to find the best treatment that fits for your family. Elevations RTC works with teens that are struggling with not just substance use issues, but depression, anxiety and many others, as well.

To find out if Elevations RTC is the right fit for your teen struggling with drug addiction and other issues, call us today .

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