Does My Teen Have An Eating Disorder? 3 Signs To Watch For

An increasingly common and very dangerous problem that is facing teens across the country is the development of an eating disorders. These disorders lead teenagers to starve themselves to the point of doing serious damage to their physical and mental health if left untreated. Unfortunately, many teens will try to hide what they are doing from their parents. This makes it essential that parents be well informed of potential indicators that their teen is dealing with an eating disorder. Below are three clear signs that your teen might be struggling with this issue. If you notice these in your teen, make sure you take action quickly.

Signs Your Teen Has Developed An Eating Disorder

3 – Unusual lack of energy – Everybody is tired sometimes, but a teen who is dealing with an eating disorder will often seem exhausted most or all of the time. If you notice your teen seems to lack the energy necessary to do even basic activities, it may be because an eating disorder is preventing them from getting the calories they need to function.

2 – Distorted body image/low self-esteem – The root of many eating disorders is a lack of self-esteem or poor body image. This leads teens to strive for impossible standards and do serious damage to their health in the process. If you notice these thought patterns in your teen, make sure you keep an eye out for an eating disorder.

1 – Health problems – Eating disorders can have an incredibly detrimental impact on a person’s body, and this is particularly true for teens as they haven’t fully developed. Take your teen to the doctor to ensure that there are no other explanations for their health issues if you notice these start to develop.

Finding Right Help For Teen Eating Disorders

Because eating disorders can be so deadly when left untreated, it is essential that you act quickly if you notice some of the signs discussed above. Getting your teen the right help will ensure that they are able to overcome their eating disorder and do no further damage to their health. At Elevations RTC, we believe that the therapy and medical supervision we offer can really make a difference for a teenager in this situation. We can ensure that your teen stays safe while they are guided back towards a healthier lifestyle and taught the skills they need to avoid any future issues with eating disorders. If you need our help, contact us today at .

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