Dr. Massimiliano Frani

Music Teacher/ Genote

Dr. Massimiliano Frani teaches Musical Arts and coordinates the Genote Program at Elevations. His determination to apply music in Mental Health through rigorous and scalable modalities is matched by international appreciation for his classical recordings, performances and original works for the theater, opera and motion picture industry. As master pedagogue, he lectures worldwide and has received the 2007 ASCAP Award, among other international accolades. Dr. Frani’s activity converges on Health Music’s research and applications for the implementation of music as a didactic and therapeutic tool in Education, Special Education, and Mental Health.

He has presented Health Music papers, training sessions and conferences worldwide and is the recipient of the Melvin Jones Humanitarian Award. Dr. Frani earned his DMA in piano from the Venice Music Conservatory, and Master’s in Pedagogy and Performance from Brigham Young University. About working at Elevations, Dr Frani says it is a rare opportunity to work side by side with individuals who believe in change and have enough integrity to apply the same principles in their own individual lives. In his spare time he loves to read, cook and watch documentaries.