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Why residential treatment centers work for struggling children

Residential treatment centers for children provide a medically comprehensive intervention for behavioral and emotional struggles among adolescents. The benefits residential treatment centers offer are numerous:

  1. 24/7 Experience: Traditional therapy can only offer help within the length of the session provided and paid for–but residential treatment centers for children are different. In a residential treatment centers for your child, it’s a constant therapeutic experience. The very fabric of the program is designed to give teens not just traditional “talk therapy” sessions, but to also provide an environment that’s therapeutic within itself.
  2. Comprehensive Therapy: Residential treatment centers for your child offer many different types of therapy in order to find the best fit for each individual. Typical therapies are group, individual, family, experiential, and many others.
  3. Removes Distractions: We all live in a high-paced society, which can become cluttered and overwhelming for many teens. By removing the distractions and stress of day-to-day life (ex. Social media), a teen is able to take time to focus on themselves and their actions.

Why Elevations RTC is worth it

Families with a child struggling with behavioral and/or emotional struggles should look no further than Elevations RTC.

“Success began with a safe environment. The Elevations staff was nurturing and supportive. The therapeutic team at Elevations was patient, determined and caring. My child found both support and challenge from the positive peer culture and team process.”

Janda E.

Elevations RTC is a residential treatment center for your child, ages 13 to 18, grappling with depression, anxiety, defiance, bullying, and issues stemming from learning disorders, emotional disorders, and other mental health problems. We help struggling your child regain their self-confidence and happiness through many aspects in our programming:

  • Transferable Skills. It’s important for your child to be able to take what they learn in a program and apply it when they return home. At Elevations residential treatment centers for your child, we strive to teach transferable skills that can continue to be used over a lifetime.
  • Education. We understand that education is a major component of developing self-confidence and a successful future–that’s why it’s a huge part of our programming at Elevations. We have a normalized high school in a nurturing residential treatment center environment.  
  • Real World Setting. In the real world, males and females interact every day. Elevations, unlike many residential treatment centers for your child, has a all gender setting for our students for this reason. We seek to normalize interactions with the opposite gender within a supervised and safe environment. This helps encourage healthier and more responsible relationships with the opposite gender
  • Quality Clinical/Medical Care. At Elevations, we have on-staff psychiatric and medical support to help our students. Additional medical support is provided 24/7 by our PA and A.P.R.N. We also have full-time, board-certified psychiatrists that are on-campus five days a week. This allows us to provide a higher level of therapeutic clarity for your child than other residential treatment centers.


Elevations RTC is the best choice for your struggling child. Please contact us today at for information about how we can help your family.

Elevations Quick Facts

Leading RTC Accreditations
Ages 13 – 18
Comprehensive Medical / Psych
Community-based Approach
Fun, Experiential
Accredited Academics
Real-World Setting

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