Elevations RTC’s Recreation Program from our Students

biking 004We do a lot of healing at Elevations, and a lot of planning for the future.  See what our students are saying about our program. From our Triathlon Training program to our outdoor experiences.

One day everything changed.  We were two or three weeks away from the actual triathlon and I ran the whole 3.2 miles with my math teacher Shellie. If it wasn’t for her encouragement and telling me I could run the whole thing, I don’t think I would have… I will never be able to thank the rec staff enough for giving me that wonderful opportunity.

-Rachel L.

Thank you for giving me the skills to change, persevere, and believe in myself. This is just one of the first great things I’ll do for this point forward.


I really want to thank everyone who pushed and believed in me. They believed that I could do this because, to be honest, I didn’t believe in myself… But now I DO. The whole time I was going I kept thinking no drug could touch me, NO high could give me this.


These are a just three examples of the work we do, Call us today to hear more success stories or to build one of your own.

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