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At Elevations RTC reviews are important to us. We look to get direct feedback from families and offer our families exit surveys as they leave our program.  The only way we improve is through  Elevations RTC reviews.

Direct feedback before our program

Elevations RTC ReviewsDirect feedback happens as families look to enroll.  Whether they are coming from educational consultants, or found us through friends we work hard to understand their needs and situation before they enroll. Before a we take a student at Elevations RTC we want to better understand what the back story is and if we are the right place for them.  We make it a point to not just enroll anyone who contacts us but only enroll the kids we know we can help.  Our facility may not be the right fit for any number of reasons and we do not want to give families false hope. We are a resource for every family that is hurting we will help you to find the right program for your needs even if that means we will refer you to a different program.

Open communication during treatment

Families are always welcome to communicate with our staff on their experience while they are enrolled in our program.  We use all feedback to further improve our program. While with us Elevations RTC reviews are invaluable in allowing us to find areas to improve an identify what is working best. Our families communicate often with therapists, program staff, and our leadership team while their children are in our care. We use every communication as an opportunity to improve our processes and better serve our families.

Elevations RTC ReviewsA commitment to excellence once families are reunited

Once a student graduates from Elevations RTC they are always part of our family.  We look to provide top notch service while they are with us so that the transition home is that much easier.  We offer family workshops, and info sessions for families to ensure a solid support system is in place for the road ahead. Along with preparing parents to support their child we also take every opportunity possible to allow families to review their time at Elevations RTC. The following 12 week program we offer as part of our aftercare has had a great success rate for everyone involved.


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