Elevations RTC Troubled Girls Programs

Troubled Girls Programs

Troubled girls programs offer programs that deal with substance use and addiction, learning disorders, and a variety of mental, emotional, or behavioral health issues. Troubled girls programs provide residential treatment facilities that focus on providing comprehensive recovery for all at-risk teens, including clinical care and academic development.

Troubled girls programs recognize that there are various stages of need for struggling girls. They attempt to incorporate similar principles of AA for those suffering with addiction, assist with various forms of therapy for those with depression or anxiety and help those with learning disabilities work through them so they can gain both success and confidence in present and future endeavors.

Why Elevations RTC Troubled Girls Programs Works

“Success began with a safe environment. The Elevations staff was nurturing and supportive. The therapeutic team at Elevations was patient, determined and caring. My daughter found both support and challenge from the positive peer culture and team process.” – Janda E.

Elevations RTC, offers struggling girls programs located in Syracuse Utah, is unique and special from other programs for struggling girls because:

  • It provides a more direct focus on the clinical side of therapy, rather than balancing a holistic recovery approach.Troubled Girls Programs
  • Treatment options paired with the realistic “outside” environment found at Elevations RTC struggling girls programs creates lasting, long term results.
  • The realistic environment provides both therapeutic care as well as academic growth.
  • Having an academic program along with a residential treatment center teaches girls how to transfer social and emotional learning into life after boarding school.
  • Elevations RTC struggling girls programs offer individualized treatment based on the student’s needs, while maintaining an overall objective: to bolster emotional strength, grow self-esteem, help students develop critical life skills, stabilize and manage any mental health concerns, and encourage the kind of intellectual development which can provide a solid base for a struggling girls future.


Right now we are helping families from all over the country address challenges their children are facing, we can do the same for you. Reaching out to our program is the first step in finding lasting change in your family’s life.

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