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struggling or troubled teens
troubled teens
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Elevations RTC is exceptional, with comprehensive and unique qualities not seen in other similar residential treatment programs.

Co-Ed for Real-World Experiences

Elevations RTC is a co-educational program. This allows students to explore how to build healthy relationships with the other gender while in our nurturing, therapeutic environment.

Community for Belonging and Confidence

There is something special about the supportive, fun community at Elevations. Small groups of teens and staff create smaller communities within the larger community for even greater personalization.

Comprehensive Medical & Psychological for Stronger Results

Families often find Elevations at a point when conflicting and uncertain diagnoses have led to frustration and failure. With our deep medical and psychological expertise we can help provide clarity and a plan for success.

Superior Outcomes from Exceptional Programming & Expertise

Students thrive in our community because we work with the entire student– academically, medically, socially, and therapeutically– in a fun, close-knit campus full of activities, service, and support.

Intentional Campus with College Prep Academic Environment

Unlike some programs stuffed into overgrown homes, Elevations has superior facilities specifically built to help students in school and in residences.

Elevations RTC combines comprehensive care, exemplary staff, and outstanding facilities into one premier residential treatment center.

To better understand what makes Elevations special please call us directly at 855-290-9681.