Addiction In Teens Is Soaring, But Is Finding Ideal Treatment Becoming Harder?

As teen addiction continues to grow, we should all feel lucky that the rehabilitation industry is growing with it . . . well, least in theory.

The truth is, that despite the fact that increased awareness of teen addiction should be creating positive results in rehabilitation, it seems to only be making it harder to find an ideal treatment that works. After all, teen addiction and co-occurring disorders can go deeper than some cookie-cutter treatment plans account for, and if you don’t find the right one, it can be devastating. So, with so many options, you may be asking yourself the question, “How can I help my addicted teen?”

Why Great Treatment Centers Are Getting Lost in the Abyss

As with any industry, when there’s a demand for services, you can expect the industry to grow. Good or bad, that’s what has been happening in the teen addiction industry. That’s right, “industry.” Unlike services in medical field which are more heavily regulated, there are no extensive federal regulations for behavioral treatments. In fact, some drug treatment programs offer no evidence or research as to their effectiveness, and many don’t address the program’s safety as it pertains to our struggling teens. Putting our teens at greater risk is not okay, and these fly-by-night treatment facilities are why good treatment centers are getting harder and harder to find.

Although legitimate facilities are getting lost in the vast number of new-found help centers, there are ways to ensure that you do get the ideal care for your addicted teen. The Partnership for a Drug-Free America published an e-book about finding the right kind of help for drug and alcohol addiction. In it, they suggest that parents educate themselves on what’s available for their teens, and that they have their teens evaluated to determine the extent of care necessary – and that’s a good idea.

Knowing Which Treatment is the “Right” One

Teen addiction isn’t just about the substances alone, there are often co-occurring disorders that need to be addressed in order to have success in the recovery process. Because of this, an evaluation by a trained medical professional is a key component in ensuring the proper treatment plan is implemented, because only then can the type of care needed truly be determined.

So, which type of treatment is the right one for your teen? You may not know for sure until you dive in, but odds are, it will be in a facility which offers not just treatment for the addiction itself, but one who offers individualized plans for recovery. Elevations RTC is such a place. As a residential treatment center focused on the holistic and individualized care of addicted teenagers, they have both the experience and the ability to customize your teen’s rehabilitation to help them on their path to success. Call them today and see how their specialized treatments can get your child on the path to recovery.

Elevations RTC is a program that specializes in both therapy and excellent academics for teens. To find out more, call us at .

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