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Do You Suffer From Severe Anxiousness? | It’s Probably Due to Overthinking

Worrying, Anxiety, and Overthinking 
Are you afflicted by the anxiety and anguish of constant worrying? Do you fret about the future and feel uncertain about how your life will play out? Are you a prisoner bound by insecurities in your own mind? If so, try your best not to worry (pun intended). If you are a neurotic worrier, it’s most likely due to overthinking.
While it’s true that every person overthinks things every once …
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Changing the Way We “Feel” About Mental Illness

What If Physical Diseases Were Treated Like Mental Illnesses?
As many as one out of four Americans suffer from at least one type of mental illness. In fact, one in six adults will admit to having a mental disorder this week alone. I guess you could say we have an issue with mental illness in this country; an issue that goes largely ignored.
But, if so many millions of Americans suffer from mental illness, why is so much is suffering f…
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Eating Disorders : A Rising Teenage Epidemic

Eating Disorders A Rising Teenage Epidemic
American teens are developing eating disorders like never before. With unprecedented societal pressure to look perfect, it’s no surprise that our nation’s youth are taking drastic measures to achieve an ‘ideal body image.’ 
Teenage Eating Disorders
Teens with eating disorders are starving themselves or purging to achieve an ideal image, leaving many of them in danger of physically harmi…
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How Does Personality-Based Intervention Reduce Teen Binge Drinking?

Elevations RTC utilizes a personality-based treatment intervention to help young teens, age 13-17 deal with many issues, including teen binge drinking. What exactly is personality-based intervention and why is it so effective? Let’s take a look.
The Treatment
Personality-based treatment takes into account your teen’s personality and the reasons behind their behavior. One teen may binge drink for peer approval because they have low sel…
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The HPV Shot Is For Girls Only – Immunizations: Myths And Facts …

It can be difficult seem impossible to protect teens from all life’s dangers. For this reason, it’s important to provide any preventative care available to protect their health and well-being. The HPV shot called Gardasil is a measure of protection, yet it is commonly misunderstood. Understand the myths and the facts involving this widely available immunization.
Fact: HPV Can Cause Cancer.
HPV, also known as genital human papillo…
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Ooops! I Did Not Know That Teen Depression Even Existed

Adults have a lot of pressure on them along with a host of responsibilities. It’s only natural for depression to settle in on occasion. But it’s not something you ever expected your teen to face. In fact, you may not have even realized that teen depression existed. Teens face their own range of pressures from hormones to school and how they fit into the world. With all that uncertainty, some teens find themselves depressed enough to nee…
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Researchers Find Genetic Markers That Influence Addiction

The human brain and genome is a complicated and often mysterious entity. Even after years of study, researchers continue to uncover new subtleties that can cause vast differences from individual to individual. A recently published University of Michigan study has found evidence of a link between genetic markers and the propensity for addiction. Simply put, your DNA may indicate whether or not you are predisposed to developing an addicti…
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How 7 Parents Have Learned to Effectively Deal with their Child’s ADHD Issues

7 Parenting Tips to Effectively Deal with Your Child’s ADHD Issues
Parents whose child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) face challenges. ADHD kids have issues with behavior, attention, and following directions. They fidget physically and struggle emotionally. They are impulsive and unorganized.
When confronted they tend to argue and deflect blame. They also become angry and frustrated when faced with failure. Parent…
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