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America Is Failing to Rehabilitate Its Youth – Why We Need to Search for A Compassionate Solution

Here in America, we have a serious, struggling teen problem. More specifically, our nation has a serious issue with how it perceives, alienates, and most importantly, how it rehabilitates its millions of juvenile delinquent offenders.
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Our Adolescent Judicial System Is Failing Our Youth
When it comes to America’s judiciary system, struggling teens (whose frontal lobe in charge of critical decisi…
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Understanding The Behavior of Troubled Teens | Why Love Conquers All

Normal teen vs. struggling teen behavior
To adequately assist struggling teens in overcoming self-sabotaging tendencies and negative behavioral patterns, parents must first comprehensively understand their child’s underlying issues  (negative motivations that contribute to the adolescent’s compulsivity and proclivity for negative thinking). Fortunately, parents need not search far and wide (or at all) to find what is perhaps the large…
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New Study Says Antidepressants May Make Teens More Depressed

Common Depression Drugs for Adolescents Are Ineffective
It is not uncommon for good-intentioned and loving parents to turn to prescription medications in an attempt to relieve their child’s depression. However, what if parents knew these medications prescribed to depressed teens were not only ineffective but instead, made symptoms worse? Would parents really roll the dice with their child’s mental health? 
It’s time parents knew …
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Medication For Sensory Stress Relief FTeens With Autism Specrtum Disorder

Not all individuals who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder have difficulties assimilating into society. There are; however, some who face this as a daily difficulty in every type of social interactions such as school, family gatherings, and even going into the public for anything. A new hope for these individuals is being introduced with positive results. Medication for sensory stress relief for teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder is …
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This is NOT what a Life with Asperger’s is Like

Listening to some news reports, society is getting the impression that a diagnosis of Asperger’s is a sign your child is going to commit some violent act. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Children with Asperger’s, especially when very young, do have meltdowns that resemble violent tantrums, but once they get older and have been taught how to express emotions in a healthier manner, violence is not a normal part of the Asperger’s …
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Teens Who Suffer From Personality Disorders, We Can Stop The Suffering

Helping Curtail Extreme Behavior
Recovery has a self-directed nature to it which requires a concerted effort. It requires an internal understanding of the situation, and a willful choice to turn around and try to make things right. There’s no way to force teens suffering from personality disorders to just change overnight.
There are ways, however, of helping them make a conscientious, mindful effort at bettering themselves and their r…
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Recognizing Teen Depression Signs And Getting Help

When your teen shows sudden changes, you may attribute them to regular teenage hormones. But teen depression is on the rise and it is important for you to recognize the signs in case your teen is in trouble. Teenagers face a host of pressure in today’s society and teen depression can be very dangerous.
Some teenagers fall into a depression so severe that they need serious help from residential treatment centers like Elevations RTC. Her…
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Anger Management For Teens Helps Them To Be Successful

Teenagers have a hard time having a positive attitude in every situation. Growing up today seems to be harder than in times past and for the most part teenagers are not known for being very empathetic.
Teens are always struggling to compete, to keep up with one another. While the teen years should be the best of their lives, young people often don’t feel that they are. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and are often angry. …
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