Fighting stigma of depression: Leading residential treatment promotes depression awareness and education

Elevations RTC informs parents about how to combat stigma of depression for National Depression Education and Awareness Month

Elevations RTC, a all gender residential treatment center for teens ages 13-18, observes National Depression Education and Awareness Month by combatting the stigma oftentimes attached to depression.

According to the DSM V, there are almost a dozen different types of depression. For any one of these forms of depression, 0.5-7% of the general population are affected. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks depression as the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide and projects it to be the 2nd leading cause by the year 2020, presently affecting 300 million people worldwide.

To help eliminate stigma, Elevations RTC believes individuals should stand up to inappropriate remarks by educating others about the seriousness of depression.

“Depression is a highly prevalent disease, whether people want to acknowledge it or not,”  says Laurie Crookston,  APRN at Elevations RTC. “It would be unthinkable to some to not treat diabetes or arthritis, but mental illness doesn’t get the same consideration. It is known as ‘the ugly stepchild’ in the medical world;  not getting adequate attention or treatment.”

Elevations RTC seeks to set the record straight about depression by offering the following little known facts:

  • There are many types of depression, which includes: major depressive disorder, postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder, psychotic depression, and persistent depressive disorder.
  • Depression is a multi-organ illness affecting not only the mind and mood, but the muscles, nerves, GI tract and cardiovascular system.
  • If left untreated, depression can cause psychosis.
  • Depression can be very costly to the economy if left untreated or undertreated due to work missed, decreased productivity, the cost to the family, and damage to interpersonal relationships.

“If people are informed and generally more aware, those with depression can begin to open up about their experience and deepest concerns,” says Judith Jacques M. Ed, Executive Director of Elevations RTC. “The stigma attached to depression promotes this idea that people with depression have a weakness in character or come from a poor upbringing. Depression education makes this stigma look absurd.”

At Elevations RTC, symptoms of depression are treated through a combination of individual, group, family, and milieu therapy. Over the past year, Elevations RTC has helped hundreds of teens working through depression find the success and happiness they deserve.


Elevations RTC is a unique residential treatment center that works with both teens of all genders ages 13 – 18.  Elevations offers guidance, support and relief to teens of all genders struggling with issues like trauma, depression, mood disorders, behavioral problems, and substance use. Elevations RTC is located in Utah and provides specialized, clinically intensive programs to struggling teens. For more information, please call .


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