Five conversations to have with your child about teen drug use

Is your teen starting to hang out with a bad crowd? Is this making you worried they might be influenced by teen drug use and try drugs themselves? You can prevent your teen from taking drugs by taking action. This is not something you should let happen to your teen. According to a study by Yale University, teens are more susceptible to addiction than adults. That means, even if you think teen drug use may just be a phase, it can actually inflict serious damage on your teen’s personal and academic success.

Starting the conversation

Talking about teen drug use is a difficult conversation to have with your teen. But it’s a necessary one. Here are five things you need to talk about with your teen about teen drug use:

teen drug abuse

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  1. Expectations: Establish set punishments for engaging in teen drug use. They should know how disappointed you’ll be if they use drugs and what will happen if you find out. That will make them think twice when offered drugs and alcohol at parties.
  2. Long term dangers: Engaging in teen drug use can cause life long addiction, legal ramifications, and low grades in school. They need to know what they’re getting into if they decide to take drugs.
  3. What they think: Getting to know their opinion about drugs and alcohol can allow you as a parent to perceive how they really feel by nonverbal cues like eye movements and body language. This way you can see whether or not your teen is thinking about using drugs.
  4. Immediate repercussions: Discuss what will happen to them if they start using drugs. Tell them about how their body will change. They may gain weight, their teeth may yellow, and they may become jittery and unfocused. Teens worry about their appearance, and if they know their appearance will change, it may deter them from using.
  5. Continue the conversation: Instead of talking about teen drug use once with your teen, bring it up every so often. The ideas you’re trying to relay to them will be better ingrained in their mind if you’re repetitive.

Elevations RTC can help

If your teen gets involved in teen drug use, Elevations RTC , a residential treatment center for teens ages 13-17, can help your teen work through the issues often associated with why teens get involved in drugs in the first place, like anxiety and self esteem issues.

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