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An art program is an art class, usually supervised and instructed by a certified, art education professional.

Art Programs Effective Therapeutic Treatment for Troubled Teens –

Art programs are an important service that provide teens with a productive outlet for their creative and inventive energies. Although highly beneficial for a developing mind, art programs are often considered nonessential. If viewed as a trivial scholastic requirement, students will fail to take art seriously, subsequently stunting their creative capacity.

An art program can be a highly effective therapeutic service for struggling youth. Through artistic representation, teens are able to express themselves in a way they previously never had before. Some struggling teens are unable to effectively express themselves through words, and instead, turn to artistic outlets. Without an expressive conduit, teens are at higher risk of displaying negative behaviors like, substance abuse, overly sexual promiscuity, and acts of violence.

When participating in creative activities, like an art program, teens are stimulating the right hemisphere of their brain. This part of the brain is responsible for creativity and artistic ability. When right-hemispheric gifts are honored and developed, they serve as a protective shield and channel the brain’s energy in a positive direction. Contrariwise, when this essential part of the brain is ignored, struggling teens will seek other outlets, subconsciously attempting to fill a void that needs to be filled.

To summarize, the importance of art programs and other creative outlets should not be overlooked. instead of being ignored, creativity should be nurtured and developed. By discovering one’s creative ability, a teen is able to use his/her abilities to their therapeutic advantages.