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Clinical excellence refers to a clinically excellent academic physician.
Johns Hopkins Medicine defines such a physician as, “The clinically excellent academic physician has achieved a level of mastery in communication & interpersonal skills, professionalism & humanism, and negotiation of the health care system. Such physicians are exemplary with respect to diagnostic acumen, knowledge, and their scholarly approach to clinical practice. They exhibit a passion for patient care, and they explicitly model all of the above to medical trainees, earning them a reputation for being exceptional.”

When pertaining to the treatment of struggling teens, it is imperative that psychological professionals, who have achieved and exert clinical excellence, are in charge of the therapeutic treatment of struggling adolescents. These therapeutic physicians need to not only be able to properly diagnose psychological ailments, but also, be able to effectively talk to and reason with children who generally dislike and do not trust authority figures. It takes not only a vast psychological and therapeutic mind, but an interpersonal and expert conversational mind as well.