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A College preparatory class (college prep class) is a means by which college-bound high school students may better meet the more stringent scholastic requirements for entry into colleges and universities. College preparatory classes, also referred to as honors classes or AP classes, are specialized courses designed to assist intelligent, motivated and diligent students to prepare for, and successfully enroll in, their desired college university.

College prep courses are more advanced than regular classes. Furthermore, these specialized courses are considered to be much more difficult than ordinary courses, as the main objective of college prep is to prepare students for the advanced workload and curriculum they will experience if accepted into college. Moreover, college preparatory classes are not for every student.

Parents, who are currently seeking treatment for struggling teens, should be informed that not all treatment options offer college prep courses. If advanced schooling, such as college prep, is of interest to a parent of a struggling teen, it is imperative to inquire about the specific treatment facility’s academic curriculum.