/Drug/ /a·buse/

Drug abuse is defined as the habitual taking of addictive or illegal drugs. Once considered as a taboo, drug use and abuse is now a rising dangerous and fatal epidemic that affects the entire nation. Drug abuse has made it’s way into our youth’s pop culture and has destroyed the lives of countless teens. Hard drugs such as, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, ketamine and methamphetamine are becoming increasingly more popular among teens.

Teens, who participate in drug abuse, are unaware of the long lasting effects and consequences that drug abuse brings. Teens who abuse harmful substances generally have the mindset of ” I’m just having fun, I’m not an addict.” Drug abusing teens feel as though they are simply participating in a phase of their life where it is acceptable to ‘experiment’ and they can quit whenever they choose to. This, however is hardly ever the case. Teens who abuse drugs as adolescents are only preparing to live the life of a drug addicted adult.

If teens, who abuse drugs, don’t receive proper treatment, their lives will eminently deteriorate and fall to shambles. Not receiving proper rehabilitative treatment will exponentially increase a drug addicted teen’s chances of dying at an early age. Parents can trust in the services of residential treatment for rehabilitating their addicted child.