/earth/ /sci.ence/

Earth Science is any variety of sciences, such as geology, geography, and geomorphology, that are concerned with the structure, age, and other aspects of the earth.

Earth science is one of the core subjects of any constructive academic curriculum. Through earth sciences, students are able to learn about fundamental truths about the earth we live in, as well as our celestial neighbors. With the knowledge of earth science, scientists are able to understand the fundamental workings of earth’s basic functions. Volcanic activities, earthquakes and hurricanes are all planetary functions observed and studied by earth scientists.

Earth sciences are absolutely crucial fields of study. Without the fundamental knowledge of our planet’s basic functions, we would be ignorant to how the world really works, leaving us with a faulty, dark-ages type of mindset. For instance, before the basic studies of earth science, the majority of people believed the earth was flat, and that our sky was not a sky at all, but in fact, another ocean. As ridiculous as this sounds to us now, people of that time were merely ignorant to the fundamentals of earth science.

In short, if we deny ourselves the rudimentary, fundamentals of science, we are left with inaccurate, flawed and even absurd ideas in our attempt of explaining what only science truly can.