English class or language arts is a course or individual class in the study of English language, literature, or composition. Language arts is perhaps the most crucial course a student can learn as the language is a skill we use in our everyday lives.

Language arts teaches every aspect of a student’s language, ranging from basic knowledge to advanced. English class is responsible for teaching students the following language fundamentals: reading comprehension skills, writing skills, research skills, grammar, sentence structure and spelling.

English class, like most academic material, is generally neglected by struggling teen teens of all genders. Academics, as a whole, is often times disregarded by teens. Troubled teens simply do not view academics as a priority. However, what many teens fail to realize is that, without basic, fundamental language skills, life will be almost impossible to navigate through. Furthermore, it is imperative to seek academic treatment for a struggling teen who has failed or fallen behind, in language arts.