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The Psychology Dictionary defines fundamental skills: the ability needed to perform a task or understand an idea. 2. The basic ability necessary to function competently in society. Skills are reading writing, mathematics and communication.

Fundamental skills are rudimentary abilities essential for living a basic, functioning life. Fundamental, of course, describes the bare essentials of an entity. Without a fundamental foundation, nothing can come to fruition. Furthermore, without fundamental, rudimentary skills, an individual cannot effectively navigate through life as they lack the basic abilities to do so.

Troubled teens will sometimes struggle because they lack certain fundamental skills, making it impossible to achieve any type of substantial success. Troubled teens who lack the fundamental abilities to accurately control their emotions, abstain from acting on impulse, or even adhering to society’s most reasonable boundaries, are living a dangerous, chaotic lifestyle. If left unchecked, this lifestyle will ultimately result in utter destruction, or at best, unwavering mediocrity. Teens living by a conduct, that prevents them from living a productive life, will greatly benefit from the treatment of a residential treatment center.