A habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Habits can be positive or negative. Good habits such as, brushing your teeth or mowing your lawn, are beneficial and improve one’s overall well-being. Contrariwise, bad habits such as, smoking or binge drinking, negatively effect an individual and may result in terrible ramifications.

Habits are formed after consistently repeating an action over a long period of time. Establishing good habits in teens is essential for them living a fulfilling and productive lifestyle. However, choosing to act on the right thing to do, as opposed to the easiest thing to do, is sometimes incredibly difficult for teenage boy or girl to practice. Nevertheless, by repeatedly choosing to act on productive behaviors, in spite of the adversity they may face, a teen is able to turn these practiced endeavors into a habit. As a result, an adolescent, who is disciplined enough to establish good habits, is able to reap the benefits of their labor and live a truly happy life.

Regarding adolescents, Unfortunately, bad habits are much easier to form as they often times bring about instant gratification. Once a negative habit takes hold, they are very difficult to break. Everyone develops a bad habit at one time or another. However, if a teen makes a habit of developing bad habits, they are essentially choosing to forgo their promising potential and live a life of mediocrity.