/health.y/ /be.hav.ior/


Healthy behavior is any type of behavior that benefits an individual’s life. A person, who displays healthy behavior, is proactive, productive, optimistic, and consistently makes decisions that will further his/her success. Those who demonstrate healthy behaviors do not make rash decisions and critically think when making any major choices. Healthy behaviors are crucial for not only achieving great success, but also living a long, fulfilled life.

Demonstrate the following healthy behaviors
to promote a happy, successful lifestyle

– Set personal goals
– Save money
– Eat a healthy, balanced diet
– Exercise regularly
– Selecting only productive and healthy relationships
– Abstaining from unhealthy addictions such as, drugs,
alcohol, smoking etc.
– Getting 6-8 hours of sleep
– Always demonstrate good hygiene
– Abstain from unhealthy, compulsive sexual behaviors
– Treat others with understanding and compassion

Unfortunately, struggling teens generally struggle with engaging in healthy behaviors. Troubled adolescents tend to care mostly for instant gratification. These types of teens rarely take into account how their unhealthy behaviors are destroying their lives and stunting their potential and overall success in life. For teenagers such as these, residential treatment centers are a viable and popular service to consider.