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Home visits are an integral part of any behavioral treatment program. Home visits, widely used by struggling teen treatment facilities, allow a teen who is currently enrolled in an inpatient treatment program, to temporarily leave to visit family. The visiting teen is sent back home to visit with their parents, who are responsible for supervising the child.

Home visits are a useful tool in assisting teens with reintegrating into ‘normal life.’ The struggling teen’s home life, once an environment of disrespect, resentment, and helplessness, is able to ease into a functional, loving home, further restoring the relationships of estranged struggling teens and their respective families. This trip a recovering teen to restore broken trust they may have with their family, and get a glimpse of how their new home life will be upon completing their treatment.

Additionally, home visits can be a sort of test of faith for the individual teen. As these teens are granted temporary release from therapeutic treatment, they are consequently given more freedom during their visit. How that adolescent decides to manage their additional privilege of freedom is the way of measuring their therapeutic, emotional and behavioral growth.