/in.ter.nal/ /con.flict/


Internal conflict is a mental or emotional dilemma within an individual’s own state of mind. This personal dilemma is when an individual is torn between two choices: picking between what is right and what is wrong. Contrary to external conflict, which is used to describe a person’s conflict with outside forces and easily is observable to other people, Internal conflict is completely introversive, often times unnoticed by outside parties.

The Teenage psyche is riddled with all kinds of internal conflicts. Adolescents are constantly battling with the choice of what would be ethical, as opposed to what would be easiest. Often times, the right thing, to do, is less fun and requires some amount diligence, but will ultimately benefit an individual in the long run. The wrong choice, however, is usually much easier to act on and generally brings about instant gratification. The wrong choice may initially be the easiest, more convenient of the two, but will almost exclusively result in negative consequences later on down the road. Unfortunately, struggling teens often times choose to do the more convenient, less productive of choices when engaged in an internal conflict. These teens believe they are taking the path of the least resistance, when in reality, their flawed plan will ultimately lead to overwhelming adversity.

Troubled teens who constantly fight a losing battle of internal conflict, are able to overcome and conquer their flawed way of thinking through therapeutic treatment. Additionally, residential treatment is a therapeutic treatment that can assist these types of struggling adolescents and provide them with the tools to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.