The term, peers, refers to a person who is equal to another in abilities, qualifications, age, background, and social status. A Teen’s choice of peers, or group of people an adolescent associates with, is a major part of their life. A teenager’s peer group has more influence on the individual teen than probably any other relationship he/she has in their life.

Peers of an adolescent can either be a positive or negative influence. If a teen surrounds themselves with supportive, productive and optimistic group of adolescents, they will, themselves, be able to share a similar positive attitude, ultimately improving and furthering their lives. However, if a teenage boy or girl chooses to associate with a negatively influential group of peers, they are almost certain to share the same negative attitudes and behaviors, ultimately stunting their production and potential.

It is crucial for parents to recognize whether or not their teen is choosing negative influences as their group of peers. Parents of teens should explain to their child why associating with certain peer groups can adversely effect, not only today, but quite literally, destroy their entire future.