/poor/ /grades/

A poor grade is a substandard performance in an activity, usually academic, in which an individual is graded on. There is a variety of reasons and circumstances an individual receives a poor grade. Poor grades may be the result of a variety of factors including, the individual suffers from a mental deficiency, lack of understanding, poor teaching educator, lack of motivation or is dealing with personal issues which, in turn, affects their performance in school or workplace.

Poor grades prove to be a continuous and prevalent issue among struggling teens. Troubled teens rarely receive poor grades due to their lack of cognitive prowess. Generally speaking, struggling teens are fully capable of earning sufficient grades in academics, but consciously choose not to put forth the necessary effort needed to do so.

Fortunately for struggling teens, struggling adolescent rehabilitative services such as, residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools and group homes for struggling teens, offer grade restoration for those who have failed to earn adequate marks in school.