/pos.i.tive/ /re.la.tion.ships/


A Positive relationship is a bond between two people that promotes positive repercussions in the lives of both parties.

People that build positive relationships, whether, with peers, teachers, authority figures or family members are able to turn to their companion for support. This support, moreover, is reciprocated in a bona fide, positive relationship. By overcoming adversity with the assistance of both party’s support for each other, the positive relationship’s bond grows stronger. Building and strengthening the bond of a positive relationship consequently strengthens both parties, not only as companions, but individually as well.

As positive relationships promote a healthy, productive lifestyle, contrariwise, a negative relationship can deteriorate the life of an individual. Furthermore, it is critical for individuals engaging in negative relationships to cut ties with the negative influence.

To summarize, it is critical for individuals to recognize the difference between positive relationships, which promote balance and support in a person’s life, as opposed to negative ones, which deteriorate and undermine the overall productivity of an individual.