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A secure facility is a controlled environment. This type of environment is under 24-hour supervision of staff who look after individuals who are in their care. This type of facility is implemented and utilized at struggling teen treatment facilities such as, therapeutic boarding schools, group homes, wilderness therapy programs and residential treatment centers. By establishing a secure facility, staff are able to effectively watch over teens, who are prone to self-destructive behaviors and keep them safe from their own devices.

Secure facilities are effective in treating struggling adolescents for a variety of reasons. Troubled teens, who live in a secure facility, have proven to be self-destructive and untrustworthy in terms of making good choices. These teens require therapeutic intervention and cannot be trusted to make productive choices if left to their own free will. Furthermore, these adolescents require a watchful eye, ensuring they are safe from self-destructive behaviors. By creating a safe environment, teens are then able to effectively receive therapeutic treatment, a therapeutic treatment they would not have been able to receive without the protection of a secure facility.