/self/ / /be.hav.iors/

Self-defeating behaviors are any behaviors an individual displays that negatively affects their life. An example of self-defeating behavior would be to set a goal of saving money, but instead, an individual spends more money than they would make in a month. In short, a person, who displays a self-defeating behavior, makes choices that ultimately set them up for failure. A person who commits to a self- defeating behavior, does so, knowingly.

Some individuals partake in self-defeating behaviors because of their fear of success. When things are going well in life, this type of person fears they will inevitably destroy their success, leaving them in a state of utter disappointment. Self- defeating individuals are convinced they are going to fail, therefore, choose to fail by their own accord. This type of problematic thinking stems from a person’s low self-worth and feelings of inadequacy.

For parents of struggling adolescents who display self-defeating behaviors, it is crucial to correct their child’s impractical, and self-destructive way of thinking. If not properly addressed, a teen’s self- defeating tendencies will become their mindset, inevitably destroying their future.