/sub·stance/ /a·buse/

Merriam-Webster’s defines substance abuse as overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance, especially alcohol or drugs. Substance abuse has always been an issue nation-wide, especially amongst today’s youth.

Troubled teen’s are abusing harmful substances more than ever in our country. It is no longer taboo to use and abuse harmful substances, in fact, it is almost a social norm and those, who don’t participate, are considered as outcasts. Teens who abuse harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol, are likely to develop life-long habits and are in danger of suffering an early death. It is for this reason that parents of struggling teens who are abusing substances need to find help for their child as soon as possible.

There is a wide array of choices for parents to consider when parenting a substance abusing teen. Therapeutic boarding schools, group homes and residential treatment centers are among the top and most effective choices for parents to consider.