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Therapeutic residential programs are another way of defining a residential treatment program. Therapeutic residential treatment programs are specialized facilities that offer therapeutic restoration to struggling teens, who not only suffer from addictive behaviors, but also struggle with psychological disorders. As addictive behavior usually stems from psychological disarray, residential treatment focuses on eliminating the underlying issues that may have enabled unhealthy, self-destructive behaviors.

Unlike most rehabilitation centers, residential treatment offers intense, effective and adequate therapeutic treatment. These specialized treatment centers employ a professional, certified therapeutic staff consisting of therapists, psychologists, and psychotherapists. The main objective of therapeutic residential programs is to identify, diagnose and then treat any psychological disorder a teen may be struggling with.

Therapeutic residential programs generally require a teen to live on campus for a duration of 9-12 months. This is generally considered to be the allotted timeframe in which a teen requires to fully engage in and achieve therapeutic restoration.