/trou.bled/ /teen/


Troubled teens are adolescent boys or girls who display out of control behaviors and show little or no respect for authority figures. Teens who hang out with the wrong crowd, participate in dangerous activities like drug or alcohol abuse, are failing school, running away from parents and other authority figures, and accept little to no responsibility for their actions are considered struggling teens.

The rise of struggling teens in our country has become almost an epidemic. It is now socially acceptable for teens to display negative behaviors such as partying, drug abuse, ditching school etc. Teens often struggle with the transitional period of adolescence and choose to turn to all of the wrong areas to help cope with their daily struggles. Friends, fun, video games, drugs and alcohol and partying all become a struggling teen’s priorities.

Due to the rise of struggling teens in our nation, the struggling teen industry has become ever more expanding and has evolved to new levels of therapeutic care and effectiveness. Services like, therapeutic boarding schools, group homes and residential treatment centers have become a parent’s tool in correcting their struggling teen’s out of control behaviors.