Handling and Managing Stress During a Pandemic

For over a year, people all over the world have been facing a new way of life thanks to COVID-19. The pandemic has changed the lives of many, and with those changes comes stress for all age groups. Teenagers are not immune to this stress, as it is a trying time also to try to get through any other issues.

With April being Stress Awareness Month, this might be the most important year to focus on stress management in recent memory. By understanding the root of the problem and handling it the right way, a person’s recovery process is faster. At Elevations RTC, we do as much as we can to speed up that process with any student we work with.

Handling different levels of stress

Every single person in the world has experienced stress at some point in their life. However, there are different ways for people individually to deal with stress and different levels of stress as well. That makes it very hard to define and even more difficult to get the proper help.

When a student comes to us with stress issues, we strive to help them make sense of it all. Finding the root of the problem is a great start, and understanding possible solutions make a big difference as well. The faster solutions can go into motion, the less chance of negative side effects like physical, mental, or emotional strain.

Understanding what can and can’t be changed

We encourage students to handle stress by stepping back and looking at what a person is in control of and what they are not. If a person has no control over a specific contributor to stress, it is best to try to clear the mind of that issue as much as possible. Getting anxious and frustrated about uncontrollable situations is not making anything better.

All the focus should be on changeable situations that a person can control and dictate right away. Specifically for teenagers at Elevations RTC, changing bad habits that lead to stress can make a huge change. Anything from improved studying habits to stay ahead at school to more physical activity to meet weight goals can be a difference-maker.

When a student has stress that stems from something that they can control, devising a plan can allow them to set goals. Instead of just hoping and wishing something will change, we have a team of therapists ready to help in any way possible. There are weekly meetings to stay on track, and there is daily monitoring going on to ensure that stresses do not get out of hand. No matter what a student might be going through, they do not need to face challenges alone.

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Offering a safe environment

One problem that people run into when dealing with stress is turning back to bad old habits. Teenagers who have not dealt with stress well in the past can truly benefit from being in a safe environment like Elevations RTC. There are always staff members and therapists ready to talk every day of the week, and more individual care means a reduced chance of something going wrong.

Supportive Staff

The same environment on campus can also help significantly with coping with stress in many different ways. There is a lot of open space and room for activities outside the classroom to help distract the mind. This allows for regular exercise and is an opportunity for students to bond with one another outside the classroom.

Fixed Routine

Scheduled meals and lights-out time will help keep teenagers nourished and well-rested. The body can start to spiral out of control when dealing with a lot of stress, so it is important to stay as healthy as possible. Something as simple as eating balanced meals and getting the right amount of sleep can help in so many different ways.

Relatable Peers

Finally, managing stress goes back to being in a positive environment surrounded by peers facing similar issues. In a more traditional school setting, students dealing with stress might feel like they are the only ones in the classroom with any sort of problem. At Elevations RTC, everyone is dealing with some type of issue that has them on campus in the first place. This makes stress a little more prominent, and students are less intimidated to share problems they may be dealing with.

Being open about sharing problems and allowing other people to help out is a big step towards getting rid of stress once and for all. It is too easy for many teenagers to bottle things up if they are dealing with stressful situations. While there is a time and a place for teenagers to have alone time to think, having support staff around and ready to provide assistance pays huge dividends as well. There is no chance of ever falling into a dark space that might lead to bad decisions.

How Elevations can help struggling teens with stress

One of the main goals of Elevations RTC is to offer the proper amount of support for students trying to overcome several challenges. Stress can stem from all sorts of problems, and we have many approaches that have shown success. For more information on the services we offer for teenagers around the country, reach out to our Admissions Team.

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