Happy Family, Strong Bonds: Six Ways to improve family bonds

Happy families have strong family bonds. Parents, as the leaders of the family unit, have to be responsible for strengthening and protecting these bonds. Sometimes, in a hectic day to day schedule, these bonds don’t form naturally. To build a strong family foundation consider the follow 10 tips to increase your family bonding.

  1. Schedule in family time. When you have teens, you will need to consider everyone’s schedule. When you plan a family activity make sure to put it on a visible calendar ahead of time so everyone can plan accordingly. This also increases the excitement and build up to the event, making family bonds tighter. 
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  2. Eat meals together to improve family bonds. Studies have shown that eating at least one meal daily as a family reinforces communication. If you are unable to have family dinner every night, try breakfast. This is an important time to leave technology away from the table, and connect as a unit.
  3. Do family responsibilities together.  By cleaning your home together, and prioritizing this as a family responsibility, it shows that everyone living under the same roof cares and honors the space they share. Create a list of chores and have everyone sign up. This allows your teen to have some flexibility and power in his/her own schedule.
  4. Have family meetings to boost family bonds. These can be scheduled events or you can make them impromptu. These meetings should be a safe space for everyone to check in, and gather as a unit. It is important that all members are present.
  5. Encourage support for each other. It is important to share when something goes well at work. Ask your teen how his/her test went. Celebrate good grades and reward good behavior by doing something special together. You’ll be having fun while improving family bonds!
  6. Become involved in your teen’s interests. You don’t have to be the coach, but you can educate yourself in whatever the interest of your teen is. By doing this you will have a common interest that you both can enjoy together, which can help improve family bonds.


If you feel that your family is not working as a whole, and your teen needs extra support, call Elevations today at . We are here to help your family come back together.

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