What really matters: The secret to a happy teen

What do you think your teen wishes for? A shiny new car? Getting into a great college and going on to a career of their dreams? Do they hope this will provide this with all the happiness they’ve ever wanted? Turns out, material things and money aren’t a recipe for a happy teen. Creating deep and meaningful relationships with their loved ones and peers is the best way for your sad and depressed teen to transform into a happy teen.

The keys to a happy teen

According to a longitudinal study conducted by Harvard University over the course of 75 years, the secret to a happy life did not lie in how much money individuals had. Instead, it was found in the relationships they had with loved ones and their daily habits.

In the study, the closer relationships people had with their mothers, the more successful they were professionally. Establishing close connections with your teen will not only make you a happy teen now, it can create lasting happiness well into their future.

Healthy relationships beginning earlier in life not only lead to a happy teen, they also can be a predictor of whether or not your child will be successful in their career of choice.

Money can’t buy happiness

Many studies have been conducted around whether or not money can make you happy.  One famous one, conducted by economist Angus Deaton and Daniel Kahneman, concluded that an individual’s emotional well being does not correspond with increases in annual income beyond $75,000 per year.

In fact, a study of lottery winners found that those who won the lottery took much less interest in daily life than nonlottery winners. So don’t push your kid to earn a lot of money. It’s not REALLY want counts.

Elevations RTC can help

If you’re hoping to turn your struggling teen into a happy teen, Elevations RTC might be able to help. Elevations RTC is a residential treatment center for teens ages 13-18 struggling with emotional and behavioral issues like depression, anxiety, defiance, ADHD, and substance use. With a caring, trained staff of professionals guiding your teen along a path towards success, Elevations RTC provides the highest level of care and safety.

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