Holly, 16, Alaska

Holly, 16, Alaska

Bring Transgender in today’s society is often a challenge.  Without the right support and understanding, families can be torn apart trying to process through such information and teens can often feel abandoned, misunderstood, and left in ruin.  Holly joined our program after multiple run away attempts, conflicts with her family, anxiety, and identity issues as a transgender teen.

In joining Elevations Holly’s parents were able to help her tackle multiple challenges and connect her with the support they could not offer in their home environment.

“My identity has led to a challenging relationship with my parents. From running away, to being in a shelter I had a strained relationship with them, but after being here it feels like it is getting much better. There is still progress to make but we are much better off. After being at the program for 14 months I can see much better how emotional support works.”

The bond students create at Elevations is unlike any other they have experienced, whether that be at home or in other programs.  In a home environment, transgender teens may feel support from their family, but not at school or vice versa. This leads to feeling unaccepted and opens the door to an array of issues. At Elevations we work hard to allow students to feel like we are all part of a larger family, with genuine support and understanding interwoven in everything we do. “Staff and students here feel like a family to me.” This sentiment is not just reserved to Holly, but echoed throughout our student population.

This supportive environment is not just reserved to Transgender students, but is available to all teens struggling in life. “At Elevations I appreciate the support, structure, and higher level of caring about my peers. One thing I will always take with me from Elevations is that as part of a community you have to always better your peers along with yourself, we all have to work together.”

If you are looking for the best program with experience in Transgender support please contact us to learn more about Elevations.

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