How We Learn

How We Learn

Elevations RTC offers the chance for students to find success in a positive school environment. We provide the opportunity to identify and develop successful study habits, which will translate into higher academic performance.Experiential Learning and Traditional Academics

Critical Thinking

We challenge our students to be critical thinkers who can creatively find solutions to difficult problems. We recognize and build upon a student’s strengths, recognize barriers to education, and form individual academic plans for each student. We also distinguish how emotional concerns have impacted academic performance.

Grade Repair and Academic Credit Recovery

Elevations RTC participates in a rolling admissions process which allows students to enter into a classroom at any time of the year. This allows students to begin working towards earning credits without missing out on essential classroom time or pertinent information.

Pathways to Academic Success

Elevations RTC provides a distinct path to educational success. This pathway includes accreditation, credentialed teachers, normalized high school environment, adaptation to all learning styles, small class sizes, and a consistent supportive didactic environment.

Elevations’ Graduates

Graduates from Elevations RTC have made significant contributions to the community and their field of choice. We recognize the importance of including parents in this journey and encourage consistent involvement and participation from beginning to end.

Renowned Art Teaching

Elevations has a strong teaching program led by our professional artist who has a passion for helping our students express themselves visually.  When walking the campus, families will see student artwork in the hallways, in residential buildings, and in staff offices.  Below are only a few of the examples of art done by our wonderful students.  Click on the image to see the full painting.

“The therapeutic, medical, academic and support staff were excellent. Without Elevations intervention, my son would have either ended up in jail or committed suicide.”

Jennifer H., Parent of former students

Educational and Learning Aspects of Elevations Residential Treatment Center:

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