How We Live

How We Live

Routine. Structure. Predictability. We know how important these components are for teenagers to develop a healthy sense of self. Our comprehensive focus on relationships, personal responsibility and skill development are woven into all facets of our program.

We all have one goal in mind… helping your teenager free themselves of self-defeating habits and negative thinking patterns so that they become the best versions of themselves. Whether it be school, recreation, family therapy or free time, we are always looking for opportunities to build positive habits and patterns for future success.

Elevations Residential Treatment Center

No matter what time of day it is or where students are in the midst of their daily schedule, there is always an opportunity for engagement and learning. On the dorm, our professional staff help students identify and participate in their community roles by creating specific opportunities for growth in their interpersonal relationships.

“It was a great nurturing environment. She really loved the staff and would go to them if she was struggling or needed help, advice, or just to talk.”

– Deann C.,parent of former student

At Elevation RTC, our therapeutic environment provides opportunities for teens to receive structured feedback from fellow peers and staff, to help them better understand personal accountability.  By attending classes and earning high school credits, our students grow in an educational environment that challenges them academically.   This challenging environment is the key to each child’s rapid growth and is fueled by an intimate teaching environment which is accomplished through small class sizes and individual tutoring.

Recreation and off-campus activities help students enhance their social framework and develop their skills by adopting new healthy leisure habits.

Struggling Teens Get The Help They NeedEach day on our campus is catered to helping your child.  We pay attention to every aspect of their character and with love and acceptance we take them through the processes that will encourage positive self-evaluation and introduce successful habits to replace negative behaviors.

We know we can help your teen believe again.  We see it happen on a weekly basis, and never tire of watching a child grab ahold of the life they left behind somewhere down the path.  

Skill Development

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