Jamie, Team Director

In our staff spotlight we wanted to take a chance to illustrate Jamie’s story.  She has been with Elevations from the start and is an invaluable resource to our students.

12“I have been in behavioral health for 10 years and worked many different roles within programs. At Elevations we get a chance to connect with students at our program on campus, and off campus. Recently staff and students combined, worked and trained to complete a triathlon as a program. It was one of the best experience I have ever had. We routinely do 5K’s and off campus activities which allows us to really connect with the students.  This last race one of the students actually waited for me at the last leg of the race. We finished the final 3.2 mile run together. We are here for the students, and in return they try to be here for us. Just imagine what this looks like when a student returns home and begins doing chores, homework, etc when asked. They return home a much better member of any community.”

Jamie has always had a passion for working with students. One of her favorite parts of Elevations are the problem solving groups. Students have a chance to find their own voice and learn constructive ways to solve their own problems.

“One of the best things we do is offer the students a Problem Solving Group. In these groups the students have a chance to practice how to find solutions for issues they may face at home. The way we structure problem solving translates well to working with people, communicating with your boss, or learning to have better relationships within their family. Problem solving allows our students to see the bigger picture. One problem solving group I loved was one where we discussed disrespect and negativity. We asked them what their ideal environment looks like.  On their own they outlined what they wanted and then brainstormed and gave solutions on how to get there. It is through coaching and direct interaction with staff, students learn to identify what is wrong and create their own solutions to problems they may face.”

Jamie is one of the reasons so many students have success at our program and develop the tools necessary to be successful when they return home. To learn more about Jamie, or any of our staff feel free to contact us.

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