Jen Capellen

Jen Capellen

Dean of Students

“I always learn so much in Jen’s class. She makes what we are learning interesting and always is willing to support me when I am struggling in school or with therapy. She never lets me take the easy way out when it comes to assignments. She really wants me to be the best student I can be. Also, she always seems to happy to be here and always is looking for ways for us to have fun and enjoy ourselves.” – student

Jen began at working at residential treatment centers in 1999 as milieu manager and a classroom teacher. in 2014 she came to Elevations as the Dean of Students. She was born and raised in Wyoming, where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Secondary Education. She is currently licensed in social studies and strives to keep students passionate and excited about furthering their education. When Jen is not working at Elevations, she loves traveling to far off destinations, being outdoors, playing sports, reading and finding the best bargains around at thrift stores and yard sales!

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