Jonathan Griffith

Jonathan Griffith

Director of Recreation & Experiential Education

“Jon is a consummate professional who brings an unrivaled level of experience and knowledge to his position and the program. His seemingly impossible patience has directly led to countless students experiencing challenge and success in outdoor environments. He always has the students’ best at heart and will bend over backwards to accommodate whatever changes are necessary to empower them in their treatment.” – staff

Jon was born and raised in Maine and moved to Utah in 2000 where he started working with adolescents as a field instructor for a wilderness therapy program. He joined the Elevations team as a recreation specialist and moved up to head the recreation department. As a certified AMGA rock climbing guide and licensed Utah Whitewater Guide, Jon works hard to provide high quality outdoor recreation programs here at Elevations. In his free time, Jon enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and long walks on the beach under the full moon.

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