Katie Flitton

Zenith Team Director

As the Zenith Team Director here at Elevations Katie has the incredible opportunity of working alongside adolescents in their therapeutic journey and watching them grow. Katie loves being able to use her personality and life experiences that she has attained in life to help adolescents discover and reach their potential. She believes the keys to success are empowerment, hard work, and consistency. Katie’s biggest goal as a team director is to help individuals feel empowered. It is her hope to see adolescents accomplish things that they didn’t think they could. Katie has learned so many great things about herself and others while working at Elevations. When Katie is not at work she likes being out in the great outdoors. She is always down for a good hike. Her activity of choice though is hanging out with her nephew or taking her pup Zuko to the dog park.
Katie holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Family studies. She chose that minor because of the importance that she feels families have on an individual.