Keanan Foy

Keanan Foy


Keanan started his relationship with Elevations RTC while perusing an undergraduate degree in
social work through the University of Wyoming. He worked as a direct care staff and quickly found a
passion for working with teens which translated well with his undergraduate internship working in
youth probation, drug court, and diversion programs for at risk youth. Keanan was one of 78
students selected by the National Council for Behavioral Health to participate in the Social Workers
on the Frontline of the Opioid Epidemic Learning Collaborative. Through opportunity, Keanan
conducted original research regarding opioid treatment modalities and presented at national
conferences and social justice symposiums.

Upon graduation, Keanan accepted a position as a Graduate Assistant and immediately began his
Social Work graduate degree through the University of Wyoming. His graduate internship was with
the Veteran Affairs Administration where he broadened his clinical experience through cofacilitating
intensive outpatient substance use groups and working with both Primary Care Mental Health
Integration teams and Substance Abuse Treatment Program teams. While at UW Keanan was co-
author on several research publications revolving around mental health and was even awarded
UW’s Social Work Researcher of the year upon graduation. Keanan prides himself on his evidence-
based approaches to treatment interventions while simultaneously meeting the client and family
systems where they are at. Keanan’s theoretical perspective pays close attention to the meaning
clients have given to life experiences, understanding the contexts these experiences occur in, and
recognizing client possibility despite adversity.

When he’s not watching football, Keanan loves spending time fishing the many high mountain lakes
and tributaries in Utah as well as the streams, rivers, and creeks of Wyoming.“

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