Leading residential treatment center provides advice for National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

In honor of National Alcohol and Drug Recovery Month, Elevations RTC gives expert advice and insight for parents of teens struggling with addiction

Elevations RTC, a premier residential treatment center, offers support for National Alcohol and Drug Recovery Month.

Elevations RTC knows how important it is to inform parents of steps they can take to help their struggling teen through recovery. According to Elevations RTC, parents with teens recovering from substance use should:


  • Create a safe and supportive environment for their recovering teen. Parents should talk to their teen about their experience in recovery. Ask how their recovery meetings are going, or if they are struggling with a particular aspect of their recovery.
  • Make the recovery of their teen a priority. Talk to the rest of the family about what everyone can do to support each other in case this feels overwhelming. Consider friends or family members available to call upon for additional help.
  • Provide transportation for teens to ensure they are following through with their recovery process. Drive teens to their meetings in order to make sure they are continuing to get the help they need from meetings with therapists or recovery groups.
  • Emphasize the positive. When teens do something right, such as getting a good grade or doing well in an extracurricular, it is important to give them praise. Focusing on the negative and implementing restrictions can do more harm than good. Give at least five positives for every negative.
  • Stay aware of their teen’s activities and social relationships. It is important for teens to engage in meaningful activities they can be passionate about such as sports or theatre. By filling their time with fun activities, teens will be less likely to relapse. Additionally, parents should know who their teen is hanging out with. Overnights with friends may lead to a relapse.

In the past year, Elevations RTC has guided hundreds of teens on a path towards recovery, aided by an experienced, caring staff and an individualized treatment program.

“It’s imperative to help your teen make the recovery process as smooth as possible. At Elevations RTC, we involve families in every step of their teen’s recovery,” says Judith Jacques, M. Ed.,  Executive Director of Elevations RTC. “We utilize a multimodal approach, incorporating the 12-step recovery process, relapse prevention, and cognitive restructuring.”

Teen substance use is a widespread, growing issue. The damaging effects of teen substance use can last into adulthood. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Use, 9 out of 10 adult addicts began using before the age of 18 and 25 percent of Americans who began using any addictive substance before age 18 are still addicted.

“It’s vitally important for teens to get help as soon as they can. Without proper treatment, substance use issues can lead to mental health issues, poor academic performance, and long-term legal and social consequences,” says Jennifer Wilde LCSW, Clinical Director of Elevations RTC. “Our residential treatment center offers a supportive all gender peer environment that allows teens to grow alongside their peers struggling with some of the same issues. Elevations RTC provides the care teens need to recover.”

To  learn more about support for teens recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, check out the following:

Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration:  https://www.recoverymonth.gov/


Elevations RTC is a unique residential treatment center that works with both teens of all genders ages 13 – 17.  Elevations offers guidance, support and relief to teens of all genders struggling with issues like trauma, depression, mood disorders, behavioral problems, and substance use. Elevations RTC is located in Utah and provides specialized, clinically intensive programs to struggling teens. For more information, please call .


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