Meet Tiffany: A Passionate Clinician and Advocate for Teens

Tiffany Orozco is a Primary Therapist here at Elevations. Her unique background significantly contributes to the comprehensive support and care we provide to our students.


Tiffany’s dedication to working with teenagers has been a constant guiding force throughout her career. She discovered immense personal growth and joy in helping students navigate the complexities of adolescence. Her passion for empowering teens led her to embark on a journey that continues to positively impact the lives of our students.







What truly sets Tiffany apart is her multifaceted experience within Elevations. Having held multiple positions within the program, she possesses a unique perspective as a primary therapist. Tiffany is equipped to tap into diverse roles and leverage alternative approaches when needed, ensuring a comprehensive and adaptable approach to supporting our students.


Tiffany’s therapeutic approach is rooted in building trust and strong relationships. She places significant emphasis on fostering trusting therapeutic connections to create a safe and supportive environment for our students. The bonds she forms with them are instrumental in guiding their journey towards healing and self-discovery.

In addition to the power of relationships, Tiffany embraces a holistic approach. She recognizes the intricate connection between mind and body and helps students understand and enhance this connection. Through mindfulness and holistic techniques, Tiffany guides our students to be more present and find inner peace.

We’re immensely grateful to have Tiffany as a part of our Elevations family, contributing her skills and unwavering passion to help guide our students toward brighter, healthier futures.

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