Mike Fagerstrom

Mike Fagerstrom

Recreation Specialist – Zenith Team

Mike Fagerstrom grew up in the rugged highlands of New Jersey where instead of frequenting shopping malls, he cautiously chased bears around his neighborhood and went cliff jumping in glacial lakes. After graduating with a degree in history and environmental health, he decided to try his luck with long-distance backpacking along the Appalachian Trail; over 2,000 miles later, his life was forever transformed for the better.

Mike served as a park ranger for several years in upstate New York before discovering the incredible world of wilderness therapy. Prior to joining Elevations, Mike was a lead field instructor for a young adult recovery program based in central Utah. Mike is a consummate adventurer, having traveled over 10,000 miles on foot along various trails throughout the US and most recently, paddled the length of the Mississippi River by canoe. When not leading outdoor recreation groups at Elevations, Mike can be found hiking, paddling, or skiing in Utah’s boundless outdoor playground.

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